KeepLink will open a dial-up connection and keep it open. Nothing more and nothing less.
When KeepLink starts, it will open the specified Dial-Up NetWorking connection, and then will monitor the connection to make sure it stays open. If the connection is lost for any reason, KeepLink will immediately reconnect, and will continue to do so indefinitely. No matter how many times a day your connection is broken, KeepLink will have the connection back up in no time.
Meanwhile, to help prevent lost connections, KeepLink will optionally use a 'ping' function to simulate network activity. KeepLink will send a 'ping' (a small packet of data) to a user specified server at time intervals also set by the user, to 'fool' the ISP into thinking the connection is in active use, thus preventing automatic disconnects by the ISP.

KeepLink uses the time-tested Net Connector connection engine, used by Net Connector 2.0 and 2.1. This connection engine is solid and reliable, and used by businesses around the world.

If your connection must stay up, keep it up with KeepLink.

To install KeepLink, simply run setup.exe. When the installation is complete, open Options from the Start Menu and select the configuration options you would like to use. Save the options you have selected and you're ready to go.
If you like, you may place a shortcut to KeepLink in the Startup folder, so that your computer will automatically be connected when it starts.

This build is a pre-release (beta) version, and is for testing purposes only. The release version will include full documentation, and will require a registration fee of about $25.
Testers who actively help testing this version will receive a free registration for the release version.


Click here to download KeepLink


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