Net Connector 2.0

What's new in 2.0?

Net Connector has been completely rewritten and ported from Visual Basic to PowerBasic, which results in much faster program load and execution. Additionally, the download package is much smaller, partly because PowerBasic produces small program files and partly because there is no need for the large Visual Basic runtime files. The benefits to you the user are shorter download times and a program which starts and runs more quickly and uses fewer system recourses.

Additional features include a status bar on the Options window which provides a description of the options available as the mouse moves over them.

Net Connector now stores Net Connector data (.ncd) files in a sub-directory named "Data".

When launching a program, Net Connector will now track 'child' processes created by the program as well as the main program itself. This should improve reliability when launching some programs such as Internet Explorer.

The installation will associate Net Connector data files (.ncd) with Net Connector, so an instance of Net Connector may be launched by double-clicking on the file. The file may be edited by right-clicking on it and selecting "Edit".

Suggestions for improvements are strongly encouraged.

Download Net Connector ver. 2.0

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