Prices for BayBuild Solutions products are as follows:


Per Copy Price
Net Connector single license $35
Net Connector site license for 5 or more copies $28
Net Connector site license for 50 or more $20
Net Connector site license for 100 or more  $15
Net Connector Enterprise license $2,500 (unlimited copies)

Each single copy registration grants the user a license to use the product on one machine at a time.

Included with an enterprise license is a pre-registered copy of Net Connector which does not require a registration code, so it may be easily installed remotely on any number of computers within your (or your customers) organization. Also included is the full source code.

 Customization of the product, such as the display of your company logo or the addition of custom features, may be arranged for larger site licenses or on a cost basis. Please contact BayBuild Solutions via email or voice to negotiate a pricing arrangement to suit your particular needs.

 Our products are shareware, not freeware. This means that while you are free to download, install, and run the program for evaluation purposes, if you decide to keep it you are required to register (purchase) a license to use the program. Upon registration, you will receive a registration code which will allow you to continue to use the program as long as you like.

If you find one of our products useful, please register it by one of the following methods:

send check,  money order, or purchase order to :

BayBuild Solutions
1291 Aspen Way
Petaluma, California

For your convenience we have contracted another company, NorthStar Solutions, to process any orders you may wisMarch 27, 2004thStar Solutions can be easily contacted *for orders only* via any of the following methods:



Calls are taken 10 am - 8 pm, EST, Monday thru Friday.
1-800 699-6395 (From the U.S. only.)
1-785 539-3731



Available 24 hours. International & business orders are encouraged.
1-785 539-3743



CompuServe: starmail
America Online: starmail


NorthStar's secure online order service

You may also want to check out other shareware products offered through NorthStar Solutions by clicking here.

The fastest way to receive your registration code is by calling the voice number above. In this case you will be given a registration code over the phone upon completion of the registration process. In all other cases the code will be emailed to you, usually within 12 hours.

Please provide (or be prepared to provide) the following information:

None of the information you provide during the registration process will be passed to any third party for any purposes whatsoever. BayBuild Solutions does not engage in, support, or condone spam in any form.

Current registered users of Net Connector who would like to register version 2.0 as an upgrade should send a check or money order (or purchase order) for $12.50 to BayBuild Solutions (see address above). 

Version 2.1 is a minor upgrade and as such is free to registered users of Net Connector version 2.0. However, you will need to obtain a new registration code (your old code will not work with this version). If you have not received a new code already via email, please contact BayBuild Solutions at for your new registration code. Current registered users of earlier versions of Net Connector who would like to register this version as an upgrade should send a check or money order (or purchase order) for $17.50 to BayBuild Solutions (see address above). 

Sorry, but upgrade discounts are not available through credit card registration.

Registration of BayBuild Solutions products will get rid of that nasty little bug screen, and will entitle you to free minor upgrades. You will also receive a 50% discount on major upgrades.
Note: the NorthStar Solutions contact information is for credit card registration only. If you have any problems running any of these products, or have comments, suggestions, or requests for changes, please contact BayBuild Solutions at the above snail mail address or at:


phone(voice/fax) 707-765-2731
Thank you for your support

Peter Amick
BayBuild Solutions