Custom Solutions 

Need a custom utility for your business?  BayBuild Solutions can help.  Specializing in connectivity solutions, BayBuild Solutions can provide products that range from modifications of Net Connector to unique solutions tailored specifically to meet your company's needs.  Products may be for internal use in your company, or provided for your customers use with your products or services.  

To obtain a quote, just call 707-765-2731, or send an email describing the problem to be solved, the existing programs involved (if any), the operating system used, etc.  Please include as much detail as possible, so that the time required for the project can be accurately gauged.  

Once the program requirements have been established, you will be given a quote for the project.  If the cost is satisfactory, work on the project will begin.  Upon completion of the project, you will be provided with a fully functional time-limited demonstration version for testing.  If the program meets your requirements, you will be billed the quoted price, and upon payment will receive a full, non-limited version.   If the program does not meet your needs, you will owe nothing.

One of your choices for your custom solution will be the programming language used to write the program.  BayBuild Solutions currently offers programming in Visual Basic (any version) and PowerBasic, as well as HTML and JavaScript.  For stand-alone programs, Visual Basic and PowerBasic are both suitable, but each has it's strengths and limitations.  Visual Basic allows for fast development, thus reducing cost, but requires the installation of large run-time files on the user's computer, and tends to produce programs that load and run more slowly.  If the program you need is for in-house use on one or a few computers, then the installation of the run-time files may not be an issue, in fact you may already have these files on your machine(s).  In that case, you might want to take advantage of the ease of development provided by Visual Basic.  In other situations, particularly if the solution is to be run on a large or undetermined number of computers, you will probably want to take advantage of the 'power' of PowerBasic.  This language provides the ease of development of Basic (though to a lesser degree than Visual Basic), while producing very small, very fast programs that need no large run-time files, and can in many cases be written so as to require no installation at all. This is perfect for programs that will be downloaded by or sent to your customers, or will be run on a large number of your company's computers.  If you've never heard of PowerBasic, you're not alone...many programmers don't know about it yet.  To find out more, take a look at PowerBASIC On The Net.

Whichever language is used, quotes will be based on an hourly rate of $45.  In some cases, significant discounts may be given, if BayBuild Solutions retains the rights to the program requested, and the program appears to be marketable as a stand-alone product.  In these cases, the price quoted may represent as little as 50% of the actual estimated development time.

Let us know what we can do for you.